Ion technology is used in a multitude of devices such as water ionizers, mass spectrometers, optical emission spectrometers, particle accelerators, ion implanters, and ion engines. It's also used in household devices such as smoke detectors and water purifiers.

Ion Sig technologies have applications in a wider range of fields, including:

• Control Systems
• Sensors
• Measuring Devices
• Electronics
• Transistors

We are seeking on new applications for our Ion Signature Technology.

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Ion Signature Technology Industry overview

The most common industry application equates to inorganic dissolved ions are a component of total dissolved solids, an indicator of water quality in the world. Ion technology is by far used today in water quality measurement. We seek to change this and expand ionic applications.

The most common type of ionic bonding is seen in compounds of metals, nonmetals and gases.. Metals are characterized by having a small number of electrons in excess of a stable, closed-shell electronic configuration. As such, they have the tendency to lose these extra electrons in order to attain a stable configuration.

Ion Technology

As signaling and metabolism in organisms are controlled by a precise ionic gradient across membranes, the disruption of this gradient contributes to cell death. This is a common mechanism exploited by natural and artificial biocides, including the ion channels gramicidin and amphotericin.